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LumaForce LFNV2 Tactical Monocular Night Vision Scope, Wear, Or Mount To Weapon

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Why use a Night Vision Devices Instead of a Flashlight?

    1) Night Vision Devices make it possible of seeing in the dark that is far superior to a flashlight.  They provide your eyes with a light amplification tool that gives you much more night vision sensitivity than many nocturnal animals. 

    2) See, without being seen.  Think of the advantages of seeing without intruding when you are trying to find your way around an unlit campground.  Property owners can observe nocturnal criminal activity.  Hunters and nature lovers can observe animals without startling them.  If you suspect a prowler is nearby, you can spot the perpetrator without alarming him and safely call the police.

(3) What can I see with an Night Vision Device?

Even on a moonless night or in a dark interior, everything within range of the IR illuminator.

The LumaForce LFNV2 is a day and night infrared scope irradiated light source. Under bright and dim light it shows color lmages, and displays black and white images in complete darkness.
The infrared irradiation light source device automatically adjusts according to environmental factors and can be manually adjusted as well.
Includes all hardware for mounting to a tactical helmet or picatinny rail of a firearm
Magnification: 2X
Objective: 28mm
Field of view: 6.4°C
Exit pupil diameter: 14mm
Eyes pot distance: 15mm
Vseibility regulating range: ±5°C
Minimum observation distance: 0.8mm
As far as the night viewing distance: > Approx.100 Yards
Sensor: 1/4”CMOS
Horizontal resolution: 420lines
Display device: LED
Resolution: 330x224 pixel
Lighting device: 1R LED
Center wavelength: 850mm
Working voltage: DV 3V
Built in power: AA battery
Battery endurance: 1.5/2.5h (1R ON/1R OFF) Requires 2 x AA Batteries not included.
Switch: 1. Power switch 2. Infared illumination Brightness regulation 3. Forced switch infrared lighting.
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